Dear students!

What can be done in 24 hours? You can attend 12 lectures, finish the Matrix 10.59 times and watch a watch tick 86400 times. What can you make out of 24 hours? Sign-up with your friends and challenge yourselves! We bring the problems, you bring the solution. The food, place and good atmosphere is on us. Since this is the perfect opportunity for personal development and networking, we ensure some fun minigames and informationally dence presentations. You'll only gotta enjoy it!

Prepare your team of 2-4 students and get your FREE tickets from:

get your free ticket here

Don't want to compete, but still want to join? No problem! We invite everyone to join the workshops presented by our mentors and special guests. These tickets are available at the above link, choosing the Attendee option.


After purchasing your hacker ticket, you will be asked in a mail to send us proof that you are currently a student.

Please only purchase one kind of ticket! :) Once a hacker, you will be able to attend the workshops, presentations already!



Both software, and hardware, in English. No programming language restrictions. Free attendance, ONLINE event.

HacK.M.K is a 24 hour student hackathon. We warmly welcome every kind of students, to create awesome projects.

Over the weekend, hackathon participants form teams of up to 4 people, and have 24 hours to build a project before presenting it in front of a jury, who decide who will win the prizes. Hackathons are a great opportunity for students to take their knowledge out of the classroom, experiment with new and exciting technology, and make lasting friendships with like minded people.

A hackathon is best described as an ‘invention marathon’. Amongst the computing community, to hack is to build a project in a short time simply to demonstrate an idea or play around with new technologies.

Don't worry if you don't have a team already! We'll find one for you. Before the hacking there will be a short event, where those without premade partners could find other people to team up with.

HacK.M.K is a student hackathon, and therefore you must currently be a student, with a valid Student ID (even previous year's registered students - freshly graduated students INCLUDED!!!).

You don’t have to be a coder to participate in the hackathon! You can still become a valuable team member, offering a fresh perspective, or perhaps by bringing other skills to the table such as design, data analysis or insight into user need. Hackathons are great opportunities to learn too, it's a friendly environment where the mentors will help the teams by sharing their knowledge. So come along if you'd like to develop your coding skills!

Your choice, we only give you the thematic of the project, you can choose your mean of realisation. From our perspective, your imagination is the only restriction.

Of course you can! We provide a constant online communication platform for any additional question, and as you might have realised it until now, you will be home anyway.

Nothing! HacK.M.K is free to attend thanks to our fantastic partners and sponsors.

We will have a detailed presentation about the food-related stuff, since in the online world it's a bit more complicated. TL;DR we will try to give you resources to buy your food :)

All intellectual property generated at our hackathon belongs to the developer. However, to generate the widest benefit from this event, we encourage hackers to provide Open Source licenses for the results of their creativity.

While you can explore ideas and produce designs before HacK.M.K, you cannot write a line of code for your project before the event itself. We’d like this event to happen in the spirit of fair play, so please be honest, we aren’t lying about the food either. :)

Considering the online's best and worst, you are at home, you should have everything what you'll need :D


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